CudaText vs SynWrite

Postby Alexey » 16.01.2016 17:25

Ye,I want explorer later
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Postby Shadeclan » 27.05.2016 16:04

Hey, Alexey
Sorry - I know this is an old thread but it seems incomplete.

Ran into a bit of work a couple of years ago and stopped trying to learn SynWrite in favor of more familiar tools but now I'm playing with SynWrite again. While I was upgrading, I noticed CudaText. I read through this post and saw that you were no longer going to support SynWrite because your Delphi license had run out. However, I noticed that SynWrite was still being worked on, with the most recent version issued this month - I assume that means you successfully renewed your Delphi license.

So, what's the story exactly? Will SynWrite continue to be supported? Will CudaText become the new SynWrite? Should I switch to CudaText in order to get the latest and greatest improvements / are you only doing maintenance updates with SynWrite? What's the plan?
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Postby Alexey » 28.05.2016 11:11

The plan is to continue Cuda. very limited support for Synw. Cuda support will be ok. i hope. I spend time on Cuda. not Synw. (Theme support with all UI in Synw? No. Theme support in Cuda? yes. it's done.)
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