[cantfix] Chinese input method issue on CudaText

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Postby ageback » 18.01.2017 02:55

Program: CudaText
Input Method: 小鸭五笔 3.3, which is a Chinese input method.

I cannot use 小鸭五笔 to input Chinese characters on CudaText

To reproduce the issue, please d/l 小鸭五笔.7z the attachment and unpackit. Run Duckling.exe to install it. You can uninstall it by Uninst.exe.
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Postby Alexey » 18.01.2017 12:10

Pls, no attach of programs here.
And I cannot test it of coz, I dont have CHS keyboard, etc
Find CHS programmer which can test it
lazarus source - on github.
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