Copy of search results limited to 100 items

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Postby noutters » 21.04.2017 15:17

Addendum 2017-04-24: The following comment is for Synwrite 6.38.2720
The copy of search results seems to be limited to about 100 items.
This can be experienced from copying the selected items in the edit window or using the functions of the search result window.
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Postby kvichans » 24.04.2017 07:21

Is problem actual? Could you show snapshot of dialog?
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Postby Alexey » 24.04.2017 07:37

It is Synwrite option--
Options/ Search/ "Max tree nodes per file" =100.
Change to eg 300.

Better use plugin FindInFiles.
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Postby noutters » 24.04.2017 08:27

Thanks for the reply. I consider this issue as solved.
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